• Holiday in Philippines

    So last week we spend our spring break in Philippines. That was really an amazing experience full of news adventures, let me tell you why! First we travelled in really funny and unbelievable way from boat to tricycle, tuk tuk and minivan.



    We first arrived in Manilla and then we took a huge ferry boat during 15 hours, hopefully for us there were some bunk bed and food to help us getting through the travel. We finally arrive in Coron, a beautiful town in the Palawan Island. This town is known for its wonderful seabed full of multicolour fish and coral. For 4 days we could enjoyed it by doing snorkelling and boat tours. That was really breath-taking and the landscape were beautiful. During these 4 days we met of lot of amazing Philippians people. I was really surprised to discover how the Philippians were nice and welcoming, on day we were on the beach and a Philippians family invited us to join them to lunch, they gived us some plates and gived us the food that they cooked on the morning. They shared everything spontaneously and generously.

    After those 4 days we took a kind of speed boat to go to El Nido, another town in Palawan Island. This ride was the most hard in my life because we have been taken into a sea storm so the boat moved a lot and half of the passengers were sick. But now it past I will keep a funny memory of its adventure!

    In El Nido we met some of our Shanghai Friends and some of our friend who studied in Seoul and in Suwon in South Korea so it was nice to be all together in the same place for holiday. El Nido offers a lot of activities like boat tours, biking or snorkelling but the best in El Nido is the beach. I think I have never seen such beautiful landscape before with so many coconut, hammock and white sand, in one word: the DREAM.



    The night we could enjoy the sunset and the warm form restaurants and bars on the beach, that was a really cool atmosphere. I really enjoy this trip, for the beauty of the landscape, the islands for the sun, the warm and finally for having the chance to be reunited with my friends to share this experience.

    To see all the picture of my trip click here

    Now I’m back in Shanghai for my last month in University so I am going to try to enjoy it at 100% !!

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