•  Hi everybody, welcome on my blog !


    It’s been now three weeks that I am in Shanghai and I already love that city. Like I was expecting everything in this town is incredibly huge and completely different from France. During the first week I felled a bit disorientated and homesick because the way of life is very different in China that the one that I use to have. I also guess my family was missing me more that I had imagine.

     We are now two weeks later and I fell really better. Me and my other ESDES friends have find a flat near to our university and we have started our courses one week ago. We also started to discover and visit place in Shanghai which for the most were really beautiful and breath-taking.  

     All along my blog I will tell you about my semester abroad through different articles and pictures.


    Hope you will enjoy! Stay stunned for the next article !!smile


    To see all my moments in Shanghai click here  

     - Rooftop with a nice view on the Oriental Pearl Tower -

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