• #2 External geopolitical conflict

    External Territorial conflict for the Senkaku islands with Japan

    The people’s republic of China deals with territorial disputes with Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan), indeed the Senkaku islands are claimed by those three countries. These islands are located in the north of Taiwan in the East China Sea. Since 1895, the islands are controlled by Japan under the Treaty of Shimonoseki but then why are there so many conflicts at present? The answer is simple, it is for economic reasons. Indeed, in 1972, potential hydrocarbon deposits were discovered nearby the Senkaku islands. So it is for strategic reasons that Japan, China and Taiwan are arguing for the control of the islands. Taiwan is defending the fact that these islands are geographically closest to its territory, China is defending the fact that historically, the islands had always been his before the Japanese occupation and finally Japan defends the fact that these islands are legally their thanks to the Treaty and the fact that China and Taiwan have not claimed the islands earlier and have waited that the deposit was discovered in 1972 to do something.

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